BSidesTLV 2023

Sealing the Leaks: Incident Response Stories about Breaches Caused by Leaked Code
2023-06-29, 10:35–10:45 (Europe/Oslo), Smolarz

In this talk, we'll share incident response stories of mitigating breaches caused by leaked code. We've noticed a growing trend of code leakage entry points in incidents. We'll provide valuable tips for identifying and managing these incidents to protect sensitive information.

Join us for a talk on how we identified and mitigated breaches caused by leaked code in our incident response stories.
We'll explore the risks associated with leaked code and how it has led to major breaches in organizations.
We've noticed a growing trend of incident response cases caused by the entry point of leaked code, and we'll provide insight into why this is happening.
Additionally, we'll share tips on how to identify whether leaked code is the root cause of the incident you are handling.
Lastly, we'll emphasize the importance of incident response in mitigating the damage caused by leaked code breaches.

Shaked is a co-founder and the CAO of Codeseal with over a decade of experience in the software industry. Coming from a background in software development, operations and application security (DevSecOps). In addition to his expertise in software development, Shaked is also an accomplished climber and holds the distinction of being the first hacker to participate in the Israeli Ninja Warrior TV show.

Arik Nachmias - CEO and co-founder at Codeseal

Having devoted two decades to the cybersecurity field, Arik Nachmias has concentrated his career on Incident Response and Computer Forensics. Through directly managing over hunderds incidents, he has significantly contributed to the recovery efforts of major companies across diverse sectors. An active participant in the industry, Arik also partners with several cybersecurity ventures, with a particular focus on the realms of incident response and forensics.