BSidesTLV 2023

Hacking Harry Potter: The Untold Story of Fantastical Social Engineering
2023-06-29, 15:40–15:50 (Europe/Oslo), Smolarz

Hidden inside the story of Harry Potter is a most subtle of social engineering attacks. Explore how J.K. Rowling hid the world's greatest villain in plain sight.

This talk will explore the world of Harry Potter from a different angle: that of the villain. In this talk, given in the style of a "Whodunit?" murder mystery reveal, I will showcase the evidence for the true villain of the Harry Potter series and disclose the crime that no one acknowledges: murder most foul of a main character.

Andy Ellis is the author of 1% Leadership. He’s a seasoned technology and business executive with deep expertise in security, managing risk, and leading an inclusive culture. He’s currently Advisory CISO at Orca Security, Operating Partner at YL Ventures, and was Akamai’s first Chief Security Officer. His career journey can be mapped in awards: Spirit of Disneyland Award, Wine Spectator Award of Excellence, Air Force Commendation Medal, CSO Hall of Fame. He’s an accomplished speaker and prolific writer, and is a co-host of the CISO Series podcast.