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Arik Nachmias

Arik Nachmias - CEO and co-founder at Codeseal

Having devoted two decades to the cybersecurity field, Arik Nachmias has concentrated his career on Incident Response and Computer Forensics. Through directly managing over hunderds incidents, he has significantly contributed to the recovery efforts of major companies across diverse sectors. An active participant in the industry, Arik also partners with several cybersecurity ventures, with a particular focus on the realms of incident responseĀ andĀ forensics.

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Sealing the Leaks: Incident Response Stories about Breaches Caused by Leaked Code
Shaked Klein Orbach, Arik Nachmias

In this talk, we'll share incident response stories of mitigating breaches caused by leaked code. We've noticed a growing trend of code leakage entry points in incidents. We'll provide valuable tips for identifying and managing these incidents to protect sensitive information.