BSidesTLV 2023

Rotem Reiss

Rotem Reiss is a product security group manager at Playtika, a bug hunter, and a code addict who has contributed to many open-source projects such as OWASP, Metasploit, and Grafana.

His shift from the software development and DevOps world to AppSec was greatly influenced by his security research “Uncovering Drupalgeddon 2”. Since then, he has been credited with disclosing CVEs in well-known products such as ElasticSearch and Grafana.

Continuing his belief that organizations should be defended with an attacker's mindset, he co-organized the first Israeli bug bounty community meetups.

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The Missing Piece: Adding Automated RBAC Checks for Authorization in Your Pipelines
Rotem Reiss

Secure your SaaS platform with Nuclei, an open-source tool designed for a different purpose. Automate RBAC checks, catch authorization issues early in the CI and promote better collaboration between R&D and product teams. Join us for a lightning talk on using Nuclei to streamline RBAC testing and enhance SaaS security.